Thursday, February 19, 2015

Roger Ebert

We have talked about Roger Ebert in class, and to be honest I have never heard of him. Although after learning about him I grew to liking him. I like the way he thinks, his positivity. He went through so much, and probably had so many frustrations during that time. Even though he couldn't speak he still got through to a lot of people, including me, through words that he wrote. Something that he wrote that really inspired me was when he talked about happiness. He said to make others less happy is a crime. When I read that my attitude changed for the rest of the day, he was so right. "And to make ourselves unhappy is where all crimes start. We must try to contribute joy to the world". I literally left the room looking for nice things to say to people. He is truly inspiring

Why when faced with a personal tragedy do some people sink while others swim? In my opinion this question has many different answers. It all depends on the person being faced with the tragedy. Also the way that person thinks and the way they look at life. For example some could sink because that person might think "why me?" while others could find something positive in a situation that is so bad and get lifted and inspired to do great things. This reminds me of a show I watch, a women who is married and has kids developed cancer, and she made it through and is now cancer free. She then is inspired to run for mayor, she feels invincible after defeating cancer and it made her realize how short life is and how quickly it could end. She wanted to make a difference and decided to do it. That is an example of someone swimming after a tragic event.

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