Sunday, February 1, 2015

White Privilege and Eric Garner

I agree racism is definitely a tough topic. I really never talked about this kind of stuff before. It doesn't really come up in a typical conversation with your friends, but I enjoyed learning and listening to what everyone had to say about it the past few weeks. I don't think I have ever heard of the term white privilege until we've discussed it in class. But after discussing it I see where the term comes from. In my eyes, I feel like white privilege is not something that a white person can do on purpose. It just kind of happens, it gives a white person perks.

Example of this are when you need a band aide at school you can go and get a nude colored band aide and have it actually match your skin. Or going to a hotel and having to worry about the shampoo actually work with the texture of your hair. But white privilege is not just little perks. A white person doesn't have to be afraid of passing a cop and getting harassed, meanwhile those are the kinds of things that people of color have to worry about. Sadly, I don't see this kind of thing going away in my lifetime.

The Eric Garner case interested me a lot. It was sickening hearing about it. How he clearly said, "I can't breath" a lot of times. Then later dying, because of the choke hold that the cop had on him. It was all on a video. I don't think that the cop meant for him to die, but when someone says that they can't breath multiple times, and you have them in a choke hold, nothing good can happen.

This could possibly happened because of white privilege, because some might say that he might have looked more suspicious than a white man. If it was a white man, the cops might not have even came up to him in the first place. The fact that he was black was the biggest factor in all of this. I really like talking about racism in class. I've never thought deep enough to really understand all sides of these topics, I learned a lot. It really opened my eyes to see all of the things about racism in our world.

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